What You Get: Raising the Bar on Outdoor Fun

People standing near four-wheelers

Outdoor recreation is an essential part of life for many Michiganders and provides important economic benefits to the state. Additional funding for ORV trails ensures that the quality, enjoyment and safety of our favorite outdoor hobbies - our way of life - remain strong while positively benefiting local economies.

With additional investment, the Department of Natural Resources will strengthen our efforts to provide residents and visitors with broader access to high-quality Michigan outdoor recreation experiences, as detailed in the DNR Parks and Recreation Division's 2009-2019 strategic plan, "Sustaining 90 Years of Excellence." We are committed to protecting, preserving and sharing with the public Michigan's unique natural and cultural resources; providing access to a variety of land- and water-based public recreation and educational opportunities; and positioning Michigan as the nation's Trails State.

Additional investment in ORV trails will create a world-class trail network with increased enjoyment for the state's 200,000 registered ORV owners and additional economic benefit to local communities. This investment will:

  • Expand the trail system from 3,698 miles to at least 4,000 miles through trail easements and acquisitions, which previous funding did not support.
  • Provide sufficient trail grant funding to stakeholders to develop, groom and brush trails and add signage.
  • Provide local law enforcement grants and provide grants for trail expansion areas.
  • Ensure a safer environment for ORV trail users by increasing the number of conservation officers in Michigan, thereby boosting opportunities for education contacts and public safety through trail patrols.
  • Thoroughly inspect the condition and maintenance of trails.
  • Replace and renovate failing or aging infrastructure, including bridges and culverts to address safety and environmental issues.
  • Create destination places by adding trail connections to communities through easements and acquisitions.
  • Improve the ORV license-buying experience both online and in retail stores by enhancing the retail sales system.
  • Enhance urban outreach to expand outdoor recreation activities and natural resources education into additional urban areas, creating a greater appreciation and funding for ORV trail use.
  • Create a southern Michigan ORV area closer to local population centers.
  • Allow us to better promote Michigan's extensive network of trails and boost our reputation as the nation's Trails State.