Learn to hunt through a mentor - apprentice hunting in Michigan

Would you like to try hunting but haven't had time to take the necessary hunter safety course? Are you already a hunter and have a child, spouse or friend you would like to teach? Anyone ages 10 and older can be a part of the hunting experience by purchasing a base apprentice (APC) license. The base apprentice license, which can be purchased for two license years before needing to successfully complete a hunter safety course, allows you to hunt small game and purchase licenses to hunt other species like deer and turkey.  

As an apprentice hunter, you must:

  • Be 10 years of age or older.
  • Be accompanied by someone 21 years of age or older who possesses a regular current-year hunting license for the same game you will be hunting.
  • Have the accompanying hunter be your parent, guardian, or someone designated by your parent or guardian if you are 10-16 years of age.

As an accompanying hunter, you must:

  • Be able to come to the immediate aid of the apprentice and stay within a distance that permits uninterrupted, unaided visual and verbal contact.
  • Accompany no more than two apprentice hunters while hunting.

How to purchase the apprentice license

Residents can purchase one of the following apprentice license types:

  • *Base JR APC (ages 10-16) $6.00
  • *Base RES APC (ages 17+) $11.00
  • Hunt/Fish Combo RES APC (ages 17+) $76.00

Non residents can purchase one of the following apprentice license types:

  • *Base JR APC (ages 10-16) $6.00
  • *Base NR APC (ages 17+) $151.00
  • Hunt/Fish Combo NR APC (ages 17+) $266.00

*The base license enables you to hunt small game - if you want to hunt other species you will also need to purchase a license for that species.

You can buy these at our online E-License store or ask for this license type at a retailer:

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