Platte River State Fish Hatchery

This facility was established in 1928 and was converted to the state's main salmon hatchery in 1972. Platte River rears coho salmon and Chinook salmon and is the main egg-take location for coho salmon in the Upper Great Lakes. Atlantic salmon are also raised here.

Location: 15210 US 31, Beulah, MI 49617

Contact: 231-325-4611, x18

Hours: Open at no charge to the public. Grounds are open every day from dawn to dusk. Weekdays, 8 am to 4 pm. To schedule group tours, please call 231-325-4611.

Areas of interest to the public:

  • Location on Platte River
  • Interpretative facilities and trails
  • Lower weir harvest facility
  • Upper weir egg-take station
  • Adult salmon returning to spawn from mid-September to late-October (public is welcome to watch!)
  • Resident eagle nest (showcased by Carbon TV live web cam)
  • Birthplace of the Great Lakes salmon program
  • Trailhead for state trails
  • Stop on bird tour
  • Proximity to Traverse City
  • Location for Hatchery Passport Program
Platte River State Fish Hatchery Production 
Species-strain Age Number stocked
Atlantic salmon - Landlocked Fall Fingerlings               36,453
Atlantic salmon - Landlocked Spring Yearlings             160,472
Chinook salmon - Michigan Spring Fingerlings             956,071
Coho salmon - Michigan Spring Yearlings          1,570,200
Walleye - Muskegon Fry          1,304,800


For detailed information of fish stocked, see the DNR's website at: