Information Regarding Online Reporting

Welcome to the online Michigan Charter Boat Monthly Fishing Reporting System.

Michigan Act 451, P.A. 1994 contains the charter boat catch reporting law. Section 44508 of Part 445 requires that all charter boats used for fishing in state of Michigan waters, report their catch (harvest) and effort to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). The intent of the charter catch reporting system is to provide a bank of information for use in managing the fishery in Michigan and the Great Lakes. The law stipulates that the identity of the operators shall remain anonymous.

Until now, charter operators have been required to submit their monthly information to the MDNR using paper form PR 8206, the MICHIGAN CHARTER BOAT DAILY CATCH REPORT. The online reporting site provides the charter operator with the option of submitting reports electronically. Please note that reporting requirements are the same regardless if an operator uses paper form PR 8206 or this online system.

This web site and reporting system is intended for use by charter boat operators in the state of Michigan to report their fishing effort and harvest online. Only authorized charter operators or their agents are allowed to use this site. In order to use this web site, an account must be established in your name. After an account is established, a Reporter Identification Number (Reporter ID) and initial password will be assigned for your use to access this site.

If your online reporting account is established, you may log in here.

For those charter operations wanting to establish a new online account, contact the Michigan Charter Boat Fishing Reporting Administrator or call 231-547-2914 extension 223.