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January 18, 2018: Using a bass technique to target steelhead
Are you a bass angler? A standard technique you use may be perfect for catching steelhead in the winter.

Some experts suggest choosing medium-diving crankbaits (popular colors would include variations of gold or chrome) and be sure to use braided line, which will aid in navigating obstacles under the water. Cast across the current and retrieve just fast enough to get the lure under the water but not so fast that it will snag the bottom. During the retrieve, let the lure swing downstream.

Another successful approach may be to take position directly upstream of a deep hole and cast straight downstream. Retrieve the lure directly through the hole. Again, make sure to retrieve the lure fast enough to get in under the water but slow enough to keep it from snagging up on the bottom. Many times an angler can perform an extra slow retrieve and let the current do most of the wok for them.

Steelhead are one of Michigan's most popular sport fish, don't miss your opportunity to target them this winter! For more information, visit the steelhead page on the Michigan Fish and How to Catch Them website.

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