Michigan Fishing Tournament Information System

Michigan Fishing Tournament Information System, 2016 Summary Report now available!

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources welcomes you to the Fishing Tournament Information System website, where you can schedule a tournament or view scheduled fishing tournaments for a particular water body, ramp and date. This system is designed to help both tournament organizers and recreational anglers and boaters avoid ramp conflicts. In addition, tournament organizers can electronically report their catch data and help the DNR Fisheries Division effectively manage our valuable fisheries resources.

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Prior to entering the site, users should check out the frequently-asked-questions and informational pieces below:



Most bass fishing tournaments are private club events that require preregistration and are not open to the general public. People should not show up at a registered tournament location and expect to enter their tournament and fish. If a registered tournament has provided a link to their website or a public contact, please attempt to contact the sponsoring club about membership or registration prior to the date of the tournament. The DNR's Fishing Tournament Information System is here to provide information about where and when tournaments are scheduled to occur so the public can plan their fishing or outdoor recreation accordingly.

By law, all bass fishing tournaments are required to be registered in the DNR's Fishing Tournament Information System (accessed via the green button below). Any suspicion of an unregistered event being held in Michigan should be promptly reported to the Report All Poaching Hotline: 800-292-7800.

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ATTENTION: Once you have created a user id/password, if you attempt to login and receive an error that states "Invalid User ID or Password" you must call the State of Michigan Client Service Center at 877-932-6424 and request help with the State of Michigan's MILogin. In all likelihood your password needs to be reset.