Little Presque Isle Tract Non-Motorized Trails Review

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has concluded a trails review process begun in 2016 for the non-motorized trails at the Little Presque Isle recreation area, a forested 3,040-acre tract situated along both sides of Marquette County Road 550, in Marquette County.

During this review process, the DNR redesigned some trails and altered types of permitted trail uses on some trails to address resource protection concerns and desires for expanded recreation opportunities.

In May 2015, the Friends of Harlow submitted a trails proposal to the DNR, seeking designation of 19.7 miles of mountain bike and hiking trails at Little Presque Isle.

Over the past several months, a team of field professionals from the DNR’s Parks, Wildlife and Forest Resources divisions compiled information and evaluated on-the-ground conditions along trails at Little Presque Isle.

This DNR team produced a draft proposal for the tract’s recreational trails network. An open house was held locally by the DNR on Sept. 20, 2016 to detail its recommendations.

A 30-day period began Sept. 20, 2016 for submitting written public comments on the DNR trails recommendations. Afterward, the DNR compiled the comments, reviewed them and revised its trails proposal.

An internal departmental review was conducted. Now, with this process concluded, the trails proposal has been finalized, announced and put into effect, guiding future use of the non-motorized trails at the Little Presque Isle tract. The final trails plan designates 17.2 miles of mountain bike trail for the non-winter biking season. In addition, 10.7 miles of winter fat tire bike route has been designated for riding from Dec. 1 to May 1.

This webpage includes several items including maps, press releases and other information pertinent to this review.


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