New $5 processing fee (Michigan-registered vehicles only) »

$5 Convenience Fee for Michigan-registered vehicles only

Effective Jan. 1, 2018, the DNR added a $5 convenience fee for Recreation Passport purchases (Michigan-registered vehicles only) made at state parks, DNR customer service centers and other designated areas. It can still be purchased for $11 (or $6 motorcycles) when purchased  at the time of the annual license plate renewal at the Secretary of State.

There are a few exemptions. The $5 convenience fee will not be applied to purchases made at/or:

  • Belle Isle Park (it will be assessed beginning Jan. 1, 2019).
  • non-resident Recreation Passports.
  • non-street-legal vehicles at the ORV area at Silver Lake State Park (Oceana County). 
  • non-annual renewing vehicles (ie. historical/authentic vehicles, street-legal moped, tribal government plates, school buses, dealer plates, temporary plates, manufacture plates, non-profit organization plate (Y) plates.