How and where do I purchase the Recreation Passport?

Michigan registered vehicles

  • Check "Yes!" when you renew your license plate through the Secretary of State online at, by mail, kiosk or branch office.
  • If you didn't check yes at the SOS during license plate renewal, bring your vehicle registration to a Secretary of State branch office to pay $11 ($5 for motorcycles) and receive a replacement license plate sticker with the Recreation Passport proof of purchase.
  • Purchase a window sticker at a Michigan state park or at a customer service center.

Purchasing the Recreation Passport at any time other than during your license plate renewal will be more expensive in future years and currently excludes you from taking advantage of the statewide Passport Perks shopping discount program.It also means you don't get a full year of access to Michigan's woods and waters, because however the Recreation Passport is purchased, it's only good until your next license plate renewal date. The most cost-effective option is to purchase the Recreation Passport when you renew your vehicle license plate tab, which ensures you can access Michigan's woods and waters year-round.

Non-Michigan registered vehicles