Sleeper State Park - Phase 2

Sleeper State ParkThe following steps have been taken to develop a general management plan for Sleeper State Park.

  • The phase 1 general management plan for Sleeper State Park was approved in September 2011. The plan identifies the purpose and significance of the park and designated management zones, which reflects the land preservation goals and recreation programming for different areas within the park. A stakeholder workshop was held in November 2016 to help gather public input on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. View the workshop results.
  • The DNR has recently drafted a draft phase 2 general management plan for Sleeper State Park, which builds upon the previous planning effort in phase 1. The plan includes long-range action goals for the park as a whole and for each of the management zones defined in phase 1. Action goals have been developed that address natural resources, historic/cultural resources, recreation opportunities, educational/interpretation opportunities, management focus and future development.