Fayette Historic State Park

Fayette Historic State ParkThe DNR is in the process of developing a general management plan for Fayette Historic State Park. This plan will replace the Fayette Historic State Park Phase 1 general management plan that was approved in September 2010. This new plan will update the purpose and significance of the park and the management zones, which reflect the land preservation goals and recreation programming for different areas within the park and will establish long-range action goals for the park.  

Public input

Public input is an important part of the management plan process. The following methods of public engagement are/were used to gather input from park visitors and stakeholders to help inform the management plan. 
  • An online survey was available from Aug. 7 through Sept. 11, 2017. Results of the survey are currently being reviewed by the planning team. View a summary of the survey results,
  • A stakeholder workshop was held on Sept.14, 2017 to gather information from local government, business, education and non-profit organizations relating to Fayette Historic State Park. View a summary of the stakeholder workshop.
  • A public open house will be held in spring 2018, which will provide an opportunity for the public to review and comment on the draft plan. Additional meeting details will be announced.

Contact: Matt Lincoln
DNR Parks & Recreation Division
Phone: (517) 284-6111