DNR considering proposed firewood policy

The DNR is taking pro-active steps to help reduce opportunities for the movement of invasive species into our state parks and other DNR-managed land. To help combat the more than 500,000 trees that have already been killed in Michigan state parks and millons more that have been killed statewide by invasive species, the DNR is considering a new firewood policy – one designed to still allow visitors to enjoy campfires, cookouts and other recreation around the fire – in state parks and other DNR-managed lands. 

How you can help
The DNR has launched an educational campaign to inform campers how to help protect state parks right now. A firewood checklist offers tips to prepare visitors for their upcoming. 

We want to hear from you!
To provide feedback or ask questions regarding the proposed firewood policy, please email DNR-ParksAndRecreation@michigan.gov.