Sustainable Forestry Required Education

Purchasers are required to have their state timber sales closely supervised by a Qualified Logging Professional (QLP) as defined by the Michigan Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Implementation Committee (IC) or the Wisconsin Forest Industry Safety and Training Alliance (FISTA). Current status of QLP will be verified at the pre-sale meeting with the sale administrator. In addition, once operations have begun, QLP status will be verified annually. Operations may be halted if training status is not current. "Closely supervised" means overseen with adequate knowledge of the concerns and current status of an operation to be able to provide immediate control over any process that may threaten compliance with best management practices and other contract terms.

The Sustainable Forestry Education (SFE) Program is supported by numerous forest products companies and forest related organizations in Michigan. It is funded through company donations to the Michigan Forest Resource Alliance (MFRA) and Michigan Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The Michigan Forest Products Council (MFPC) is the umbrella organization for the Michigan Forest Resource Alliance and Michigan Sustainable Forestry Initiative Statewide Implementation Committee. MFPC coordinates SFE training and approves requests for continuing education training received through seminars, mill-sponsored sessions, and conferences. Additional information can be found at the following link:

Michigan SFI