State Forest Timber Sale Prospectuses (Advertisements)

State forest timber sales are periodically advertised on prospectuses. There may be from one to six sales per prospectus. The prospectus contains Instructions for Bidding on State Forest Timber Sale Contracts. For each sale, the prospectus contains general information, a map, sale specific conditions and requirements, and a bid form. State Forest Timber Sale Prospectuses are listed by fiscal year and bid open location or by fiscal year and bid open date.

Prospective bidders interested in receiving notice of sales may be placed on the mailing list for select management units or statewide. Bidders wishing to be added to the list may contact the Department of Natural Resources, Forest Resources Division, P.O. Box 30452, Lansing MI 48909-7952, phone 517-284-5903, e-mail: or their local management unit office.