NASP Testimonials


Julian Petzold, Principal

We have 2 students on crutches who have been shooting, including a student who has no ability to grip with her right hand.

My students with disabilities have been very eager to participate in archery. My two students who use crutches are able to shoot very easily by having another student carry their bow to the shooting line and retrieve their arrows after shooting. The students have commented on how they can still participate in PE after breaking their leg because it is archery.

One student is recovering from cancer in her right forearm. She has no ability to grip with her right hand due to the extensive muscle damage caused when removing her tumor. I strap her bow to her right hand and wrist with an elastic band so that it will not fall after each shot. Hannah also prefers to have her teacher hold the bow once she is at full draw. She is shooting very well. It just took some trial and error attempts to get it right for her liking. We tried multiple methods of shooting until we found what worked AND she liked best.


Thomas E. Barnes,Detroit Public Schools

In our third year of NASP participation, I could not be more pleased. Student motivation is high, female interest and participation in physical education classes soars during the semester we target shoot and discipline incidents drop as well. The moment that defined what the meaning of this program to my students came this year when we held our fifth grade tournament. Seven classroom champions competed from a total of about 125 students, five of the seven wanted to win so bad they were in tears when they did not win. Two weeks later, when asked if they would write a short paragraph about what the archery program meant to them, every student in the program, some 325 students, not just the fifth graders but every class I asked wanted to contribute a paper. We held it to one class to keep down the paperwork! Our plan is to try to qualify for the national tournament next year!

Thanks for a great program and all of the support we receive from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Michigan State University's 4H Youth Development Program.


Helen L. Hart

My son, Philip Franke, has been a member of the Waverly Middle School Archery Club for two years now. I wanted to let you know how much Philip has enjoyed this program and how much he has gained from participating. The Archery Club is a wonderful program for students like Philip who are involved in many extra-curricular activities and still want to participate in a sport.

While archery is a sport of individual skill, it is also a team sport. So, Philip has had a chance to improve his skills on both a personal and team level. Archery teaches the skills of patience, attention to detail, coordination, and concentration. All of these skills may be directly related back to academics, as well. As a result, being a member of the Archery Club reinforced important academic skills and there was no negative impact on academic performance.

When I first heard about the archery program, I was somewhat hesitant to allow my son to participate. I was concerned about potential safety issues that may arise while teaching a group of athletes of this age group. Obviously, if safety skill are not taught, enforced, and revered there is an opportunity for serious injury for the participants. I was very pleased to find how safely and efficiently the program was run. Since becoming a member of the Archery Club, Philip has also practiced his skills at other facilities. He now has an interest in continuing to pursue archery after he leaves Waverly Middle School. In addition, he would like to volunteer to come back to the Middle School to assist with the club once he becomes a student at the High School. I would like to thank you for taking the time and effort to run the Archery Club for the school. I am sure there are many students like Philip who have benefited from membership. It is my hope the Club will continue to be available to students in future school years.

Rod Bragg-Home School Parent

I have seen a lot of great things from NASP. We shoot 2 times a week in a cold barn and it is hard to get the kids to leave. I have watched kids come out of their shells. Last night I watched a shy boy who shot 170 as a 5th grader shoot 250. Squirrelly kids calm down and focus. I have seen the best athletes praise kids of lesser ability. Handicapped kids have shot in my barn.

Erick Kestila,Parent

My daughter Mariah is dyslexic and did not like school. She did well in school, but did not like going. She did not participate in any school activities. When she started shooting NASP in 7th Grade she started liking to go to school. She found something that was fun to do. Then she joined the 4H NASP after school shooting club which helped her gain confidence in the sport of Archery. She has won the State NASP title for Michigan three years in a row. She has now joined many other organizations at school like Key Club, Art Club, and Theater. NASP has given her the confidence to try new things.


What Has The NASP Program Meant To You And How Has It Helped You At School Or In Your Personal Life?

  • The NASP has made me a better archer and so I'm not dying of boredom.
  • Something special because it's making me feel more competitive in active activities. Also, it helps me focus on what's important. Finally, this program helps me build confidence in me and other things like getting medals and scholarships.


  • The NASP program means a lot to me because I love archery. The NASP program is giving me experience in a team sport even though my performance depends on my individual effort and it has helped by hand-eye coordination.


  • NASP held me in school because it helped me learn to concentrate. And it was stress free and relieves me. The NASP program has taught me how to focus and set goals in my life.


  • The NASP program has helped me in many ways. It has helped me make new friends. It also helps me in school. Archery also has helped me and it is a way to get away from everything. Those are just a few of the many ways NASP helps me.


  • The NASP means a great deal to me. It helps me concentrate in school, Also I focus better since I started shooting archery. My grades are better in school and I'm enjoying archery and school more.


  • The NASP program has helped me in my life by making me concentrate better and follow directions more closely. It has also helped me concentrate in school better.


  • The program has helped me at school and in my personal life by taking everything one step at a time and to not over-think a situation.


  • The NASP program helped me with my personal life because I have been practicing every day and strengthening my own muscles.


  • The NASP program has meant a lot to me. It has introduced me to the amazing sport of archery. I have met many different people through NASP. Also being in archery it doesn't interfere with my asthma. The NASP program has meant a lot to me.


  • The NASP program has been a lot of fun and gives me something to do after school.


  • The NASP program means a lot to me. I enjoy shooting archery because you are with a lot of kids who enjoy the same things as you. Archery is fun for me because I do well at archery. I met a lot of people I wouldn't normally talk to. Archery also requires a lot more thought and practice than a lot of other sports. Archery means a lot to me and I plan to continue through high school.


  • The NASP program gives me something to do.


  • The NASP program helps me stay active. It means determination, patience and it helps me make new friends. Archery teaches me many things.


  • I think archery is fun. It has taught me patience. It helped me to do the best I can.


  • It helps me because I go downstairs and shoot instead of watching TV. Also, it keeps me active and strong. Also, it helped me make new friends. I love archery. It helps me concentrate on things better and it helps me to be more patient. NASP teaches me many things.


  • NASP has helped me because it taught me to be more patient and focus better. I also met a lot of new friends while at practice.


  • The NASP program keeps me active and helps me as a stress relief. It is also a great place to make friends.


  • It means a lot to me because it gives something to look forward to do after school. It helped me in school because it made me try harder. It has taught me to set goals for myself. And it gives me stuff to do like practice and go to archery practice.


  • The NASP program helped me in school because it helps me concentrate. I also like it because when I am at practice I can do my homework. NASP is something that I look forward to improve on. NASP is something that I can keep my grades up and can get my varsity letter.


  • The NASP program helps me keep my grades up and set goals in my life. In high school I can look forward to earning my varsity letter. But when I am in high school I have to pay attention to my grades. If I don't then I would be kicked off the team. NASP keeps me concentrated and if helps me look forward to accomplishing things in my life.


  • It is a hobby and I like to hunt with a bow so I practice shooting when I shoot NASP.


  • To me it has meant for something for me to get excited about and something to always become better at. At school it gives me something to tell people about to be proud of.


  • The NASP program is very important to me and it gives me focus and concentration. It helps me focus in school. I have a lot of fun too.


  • Being on the archery team means a lot to me because it's fun. It gives me something to do when I am bored in the basement. We have a target and some arrows. Shooting a bow and arrow doesn't get you active but it is a very good sport. It teaches focus. That's why I'm glad to be an archer.


  • NASP taught me to stay more focused in sports and take my time and do things mentally. I enjoy the sport. I do it in my free time and try to practice whenever I can. In school it helped me to slow down and take my time.


  • The NASP program has meant a lot to our family. It is a great sport that teaches patience and instills a lot of self confidence. We have two children involved in the program this year. Last year we were introduced to the program by our oldest son. The program helped him meet a lot of people. He has learned to be more patient. He is also more confident in his every day life. We feel archery is a great sport that should be in every school. The NASP program also offers chances for scholarships, equipment and sponsorships. It is truly a great program.


  • For my daughter, with it now being a school sport it now holds her accountable for her grades. It helps her to strive to succeed. It gives her confidence. It taught her a lot with hunting, outdoor life. To set goals and make them. Archery is her life and it shows thru and thru. Her form is amazing, she has been in it from the start and her drive to perform amazes all of us! NASP made this happen and Shelby Simonds thanks you.


  • Archery is a great way to increase your stamina and have fun. The tournaments are great and it's a great way to make new friends. I've met so many great friends that have the same all round interest and excitement for the great sport of archery. NASP is truly a great opportunity and I will treasure it for the rest of my long days. Archery is a truly precious opportunity that has humbled me and really opened my eyes to all the possibilities and goals that I can achieve in my lifetime. Thank you NASP.


  • Archery has been an amazing experience for me. I feel blessed to be able to do such a fun activity/letter sport! I think people don't realize how much coaches put their time into this. It has helped me because it makes me stronger. It helps me mentally in school. In this I want to say thank you to all the coaches and thank you for making it possible for me to learn an awesome, fun sport. I love all the coaches and how fun they make this sport. Love you all.


  • The NASP program has helped me focus and I enjoy it very much. I also like competing against other people. I love my bow and being on a team and I want to come next year.


  • The NASP program means a lot to me is that I get to shoot archery. I get to learn brand new things. I also like NASP because it is very fun and I can get a lot of scholarships, money and prizes. I also am using and learning great new things that I would not be able to enjoy at other school. This is what the NASP has done for me and how it has helped me in school by relieving stress at school.


  • I like archery because I get to do lots of tournaments. I get to win money, scholarships and equipment. I am able to make a lot of new friends. Archery helps to make my arm stronger. I really like archery. I think it's a great sport.


  • The NASP program has helped me a lot with my shooting skills and it has made me a better archer. I am still learning as I go but so far everything the NASP coaches have taught me I do and they help a lot making me a better archer.


  • The NASP program has aided me in finally finding a sport that I am good at. Most sports are either too "contact", require too much stamina, or too much time. But archery gives me just the perfect amount of requirements that I always have to strive to be better without forcing myself to do too much. I have never been any good at team sports but archery is an individual mental sport. NASP is one of the best things I have gotten involved in.


  • The NASP program means a lot to me, I've always done it and it's a huge hobby in my life. It gives me something to do in my spare time and gets me outside. It helps me at school by reminding me to take my time, focus and practice.


  • The NASP program has helped me focus more at school. It has taught me to slow down and take my time. Now I double check my tests.


  • The NASP program means an opportunity for any student to learn about archery. It taught me how to mentally see things. Another reason is it helped me improve in archery.


  • It means a lot to me because I've never shot a bow before and now I shoot really good. It helps me focus in school so I can stay on the team. And it helps me want to be in first next year. It makes me have something to look forward to all week.


  • The NASP program means a lot to me because it gives me an excuse to go outside and practice. It helps me in my personal life because it gives me a new hobby over the weekend.


  • Being on the archery team is a lot of fun. I'm proud of myself for making the team mostly because before this I've never picked up a compound bow. I can't wait to go to nationals. I'm going to shoot in my basement and work hard in practice so I can get to worlds. That is what I think of archery.


  • The NASP has meant a lot to me. I love to come down and shoot and have fun. It has helped me pay more attention to what I'm doing.


  • The NASP program has helped me become a better archer and has taught me to concentrate more at the target and to forget about my score when I was shooting. I have noticed now that I can only be a great archer if I believe that I am a great archer.


  • The NASP program is a brilliant program. It has helped me blow off stress and prepare for the archery team.


  • Archery has made me think and look before I act. If you don't you can hurt or injure someone/something. It has also made me more patient. I take little steps but in the end, I succeed. It's not just in the sport, but in life that I have used all of that.


  • Archery is honestly fun. It's a nice addition to gym class. It seems like almost everyone enjoys it and I am glad we are lucky enough to be part of NASP.


  • This program gave me a new interest. I knew nothing about archery or that it was a sport now this year. I am thinking about joining the school archery team.


  • The NASP program has helped me to want to participate in things more. It has also made me enjoy school more, since I can look forward to participating in the NASP.


  • It has motivated me to shoot outside of class. It gave me a chance to try something new. It proved that you can have fun with sharp things and not get hurt. It gave me a motive to try to train and use stronger bows.


  • NASP has meant a lot to me. It has changed my school life. I made a new friend and it is really fun. I wish every kid in America could do it. If we didn't have NASP I would be very unhappy and miserable.


  • I love archery because I feel like we are actually better than the boys, and that never happens in PE.