Get The Equipment

Genesis compound bows Program leaders who successfully pass the USA Archery Level 1 instructor certification course, will qualify their organization to apply for a DNR archery equipment grant. Grant recipients will receive an archery equipment kit. The contents of the kit will be sufficient to meet all of your programming needs.

To qualify for a grant a community must take the following steps:

1. Retain a on staff a certified archery instructor.

2. Provide $1,500 in matching dollars to the DNR by submitting a donation form.

3. Submit an archery education program plan form.

4. Submit a signed DNR Archery Equipment Grant Agreement.

For more information regarding archery equipment kit grants please contact Kathy Garland, NASP Coordinator, at 313-396-6871.

A standard equipment kit will include:

  • 8 Right Hand Genesis Compound Bows
  • 2 Left Hand Genesis Compound Bows
  • 1 Right Hand USA Archery Compound Bow Package
  • 1 Left Hand USA Archery Compound Bow Package
  • 5 Right Hand USA Archery Recurve Bow Packages
  • 1 Left Hand USA Archery Recurve Bow Package
  • 2 Ambidextrous Beginner Crossbow Packages**
  • 5 Dozen Arrows
  • 5 Targets
  • 1 Arrow Net
  • 1 Repair Kit
  • 1 Indoor/Outdoor Bow Rack for 10-12 bows
  • 5 Ground Quivers

**Cost may vary depending on whether crossbows are included in the kit.