DNR Recreational Archery Equipment

The DNR is currently offering archery equipment kit grants to municipal parks and recreation departments. The 50% matching equipment grants are available on a limited basis to communities who participate in the DNR Recreational Archery Program. Equipment grants will be limited to one grant per community. To qualify for a grant a community must take the following steps:

1. Retain a certified USA Level 1 archery instructor on staff.

2. Submit an archery education program plan.

3. Provide approximately $2,220 in matching dollars to the DNR by submitting a donation form.

4. The certified archery instructor and parks and recreation director must sign a DNR Archery Equipment Grant Agreement.

Grant Agreement Guidelines

A. The Community will retain on staff a certified archery instructor. The instructor must have successfully completed the USA Archery Level 1 training course and maintain active certification.

B. The community will commit to providing archery and/or bowhunting education programs on a yearly basis for a minimum of five (5) years;

C. The archery equipment will be used (at minimum) for the purpose of community archery and bowhunting education. The equipment may also be utilized for after-school archery clubs, school archery leagues, 4-H archery programs, summer outdoor archery programs or other community archery programs, as needed.

D. The community agrees to properly maintain and/or replace worn out or damaged archery equipment.

E. The recreational archery program instructor agrees to complete DNR archery education surveys on an annual basis for a minimum of five years for program evaluation purposes.

F. All of the archery equipment listed above will be returned to the Department if the archery and/or bowhunting education programs are no longer implemented by the community, or if the Community fails to retain a certified archery instructor on staff who has completed the formal archery instructor training course, as outlined in paragraph A.

For more information regarding archery equipment kit grants please contact DNR Archery Education Coordinator Kathy Garland at 313-396-6871 or GarlandK3@michigan.gov.