Eastern Prairie Fringed-Orchid (Plantanthera leucophaea)

  • Approximately 1-3' tall
  • Leaves are alternate, smooth, strap shaped; 3-7" long
  • Blooms from late June to mid July
  • Flowers are creamy white; approximately 1" wide
  • Lip of flower is divided into 3 wedge-shaped lobes, each with fringe cut 1/3 to 1/2 the length of lip petal segments
  • The 1-3" long spur projects backward from the base of the lip and is larger than the spur of the Ragged fringed orchid

The Eastern prairie fringed-orchid is listed as threatened by the federal government and endangered by the State of Michigan. Any harm, taking, or destruction of Eastern prairie fringed-orchid is prohibited by law.