Michigan's Natural Communities

There are 76 natural communities found in Michigan, as currently recognized by the Michigan Natural Features Inventory (MNFI). MNFI is a cooperative program of Michigan State University Extension and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. MNFI maintains the only database of locations and numbers of endangered and threatened species, some species of concern, and rare natural communities in the state. The database is refined and constantly updated, and is used by state and federal agencies, researchers, private companies and consultants to evaluate threats to Michigan's endangered and threatened species.

The list of natural communities provided at the link below includes all communities that have locations in MNFI's Biological and Conservation Database. Natural Communities in Michigan: Classification and Description is intended to be used as a reference regarding which natural communities currently or historically were recorded in Michigan and should be considered in the context of conservation or land-use planning. 

This information was produced by MNFI. By clicking on the link below, you will be re-directed to the MNFI website to view the natural communities list and descriptions. 

Natural Communities in Michigan: Classification and Description