2017 Open Houses

Managed Waterfowl Area 2017 Fall Open Houses

Get out and explore Michigan's Wetland Wonders and Managed Waterfowl Hunting Areas this fall! Open houses will be occurring in early October. These open houses allow you to talk with local staff, tour the areas and see what each has to offer for the upcoming waterfowl hunting season!

Crow Island
Oct. 3rd @ 6:00pm
Corner of Westervelt & Kochville Rds.
Zilwaukee, MI

Shiawassee River
Oct. 4th @ 6:00pm
225 East Spruce St. 
St. Charles, MI 48655

Fish Point
Oct. 10th @ 6:00pm
7750 Ringle Rd. 
Unionville, MI 48767

Harsens Island
Oct. 11th @ 6:00pm
1803 Krispin Rd. 
Harsens Island, MI 48028

Pointe Mouillee
Oct. 12th @ 6:00pm
37205 Mouillee Rd. 
Rockwood, MI 48173

Nayanquing Point
Oct. 11th @ 6:00pm
1570 N. Tower Beach Rd. 
Pinconning, MI 48650

Wetland Wonders Open House Map