Crystal Falls

Dan McNamee, Unit Manager

The Crystal Falls Unit manages state forest land in Iron and Dickinson counties.

Crystal Falls Management Unit

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Inventory Schedules

The Open House: Your Opportunity to Participate
Each year, management recommendations are presented at open houses. As the name implies, open houses are informal sessions that give citizens an opportunity to speak with foresters, wildlife biologists, and other resource professionals. The inventories, compartment maps, and recommended management actions are available for the public to look at and provide suggestions to MDNR staff.
2019 Year of Entry Open House Schedule

The Compartment Review: The Final Plan
Modifications to the management recommendations are then incorporated into a finalized compartment plan to be presented at the "compartment review". The compartment review is a formal presentation that incorporates information from the initial inventory, the multi-disciplinary input period, and the open house. The presentation outlines the formal management plan for the compartment and includes an explanation of forest treatments if any are proposed.
2019 Year of Entry State Forest Compartment Review Schedule

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Learn about the Crystal Falls Management Unit

The Crystal Falls Management Unit is located in the South Western Upper Peninsula and borders the state of Wisconsin with the Brule and Menominee Rivers dividing the states. The unit manages the state land in Iron and Dickinson counties of which approximately 300,000 acres is state owned. The unit's primary office is located in Crystal Falls but the unit is also served by two satellite offices located in Felch and Norway. The ownership in Iron County is broken by many private in holdings which includes large blocks of corporate ownership. Dickinson County is more contiguous state ownership. The large corporate land ownership on the unit enhances the recreational opportunities such as hunting and fishing by allowing public access for these sports.

The Crystal Falls area has a multitude of lakes, rivers, and streams, that along with the diverse mix of timber types make the area a great place to live, work, and play. Logging and tourism dominate as the areas biggest industries since the decline of the once booming mining industry. For history buffs the area is rich in both mining and logging history and evidence of both is common as one drives about the area. Due to the areas abundant wildlife it is also a popular destination for grouse, deer, and bear hunters as well as fishermen who arrive to fish the inland lakes and streams.

Developed recreational opportunities abound on the unit and include the following for those wishing to experience the area. The unit has the responsibility of maintaining five state forest campgrounds with a total of 84 campsites. All are on local inland lakes with the exception of one which is located on a river. The unit is also responsible for 368 miles of groomed snowmobile trails that traverse the two counties connecting you to other Upper Peninsula destinations as well as the trail systems of Wisconsin. On the unit there are two cross country ski trails that are maintained by local staff. The Merriman East and Glidden Lake cross country ski trails are comprised of approximately 30km of groomed trail. The Glidden Lake trail is located about 5 miles east of Crystal Falls and the Merriman East trail is north of Iron Mountain off M-95. The combined trails offer a diverse skiing experience for many local and visiting skiers. The unit also boasts a very challenging ORV trail that is approximately 24 miles long and is recommended for experienced riders.


2019 YOE Compartment Maps


All State Forest Compartment Review maps and documents are drafts to be used for general planning purposes. Links to these documents will be removed after the review occurs.

For a map of the Crystal Falls Forest Management Unit's 2019 compartments, view the Crystal Falls Locator Map.

The Crystal Falls Forest Management Unit has 2019 YOE Review packets available for the following compartments. The packets were posted Aug. 16, 2017 unless noted otherwise:

The Crystal Falls Unit's 2019 YOE Compartment Review was held on Oct. 4, 2017. The following linked document presents the changes and decisions made at this Compartment Review to the Inventory Database, Reports, and Compartment Maps, presented at Open House, for the Crystal Falls Forest Management Unit. This document is the official record of changes and decisions.

Crystal Falls Record of Changes and Decisions - Posted

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