Summary and Rules for the Department of Defense - Firefighter Property DoD-FFP

Department of Defense - Firefighter Property Program(DOD-FFP) The Department of Defense's-Firefighter Property program (DOD-FFP) refers to a special program where firefighters can get excess property to be used for firefighting and emergency services. Certain property obtained from this program passes ownership after it has been in use for a specified period of time. This program is managed by the Forest Service with cooperation of the State Forestry Agencies.

  • All FFP must be put into use for firefighting or emergency services. 
  • Ownership of FFP will pass to the State or firefighting agency upon the cooperator taking possession of the equipment (such as removing or having the equipment removed from a DRMO). 
  • DoD FFP must be accounted for from acquisition to assignment. 
  • Before FFP may be sub loaned or transferred by the State Agency, a current FEPP/FPP cooperative agreement must be in effect between the State and the cooperating fire department/district. A fire department or district must meet certain eligibility requirements to have FPP property. 
  • The local State district or region may administer FFP property for local fire department/district.
  • Fire department/district cannot acquire FFP property without prior approval of the State and Forest Service. 
  • Certain types of equipment may not be acquired, as outlined in the FEPP Desk Guide.
  • FFP property must be put into use for firefighting and/or emergency services. 
  • FFP must be painted to cover all military markings or obvious military patterns.
  • FEPP Desk Guide - Zero Code Page 15 of 23
  • FEPP Desk Guide 09/01/2009
  • No personal use of FFP is allowed - NO EXCEPTIONS. • Demil C, D, and F FFP property cannot be sold, loaned, disposed of, or transferred without Forest Service permission. 
  • Demil C, D, and F property will be returned to the DRMO when no longer needed.
  • FFP property that cannot be put into use for fire or emergency services shall be reported, in writing, to the State agency. Inoperable items may then be disposed of according to the state agency direction.

  • FFP records may be reviewed by the Forest Service while conducting a FEPP review or on a technical 
  • assistance visit. Any violations of FPP program rules and regulations must be immediately corrected. 
  • Repeated or major violations of the program rules can result in loss of acquisition privileges or complete program termination.