FSP Outreach and Education Grant Program

Program Objective:
Forest Stewardship LogoThe Outreach and Education Grant Program is a component of the Forest Stewardship Program that allows municipal forest owners and other private groups to design and implement educational programs on their forest land.

Several types of Outreach and Education projects may be funded to educate private forest owners about forest stewardship.  All projects must include some type of educational benefit for private landowners.

  • Forest Stewardship Plans.  The primary Outreach and Education Grant is for developing a Forest Stewardship Plan for forests owned by schools, counties, other municipalities, or private organizations.  The Forest Stewardship Plan must be reviewed and approved by the School Board or County Forestry Board prior to submission to the DNR Service Forester for review.  All municipal Forest Stewardship Plans must include efforts to educate private forest owners and should also plan for future Outreach and Education projects.  The Program will seek permission from the Landowner and Plan Writer to post the final Forest Stewardship Plan on this website.  The current cost share formula is $1,000 per plan plus $2.50 per planned acre up to $2,500. Match is not required, but the grant may not cover all costs.
  • Demonstration Projects.  The Outreach and Education grants may fund projects that demonstrate the implementation of good forest stewardship practices and activities.  Possible ideas include documenting an actual timber harvest or a tree planting effort with photos, signs, Quick Response (QR) codes, or websites.
  • Outreach and Education Projects.  Outreach and Education grants may be offered to municipal forest owners or private organizations to develop educational projects.  Possible ideas include producing an educational video, hosting a website, or developing a publication. Workshops and other one day events are not priority projects.
  • Ecosystem Projects.  Outreach and Education grants may be used to develop projects that showcase ecosystem management and protection.  Possible ideas include building a boardwalk through a wetland or developing signs that explain management of rare forest types.

Municipal forests include forest land owned by schools, counties, townships, cities, and conservation districts.  Other private organizations like Scout camps or land conservancies are also eligible.  All projects must be on public land or land open to the public.

Application Process:
Applications will be reviewed by the Forest Stewardship Coordinator and the Service Foresters.  Approval of the project will be based upon available funds and the educational impacts of the proposed project.

Outreach and Education Grant applications are accepted and funded throughout the entire calendar year.

Project duration is up to twelve months.  Grants should be completed within the Federal fiscal year that they are funded (FY2016 is October 1, 2015 through September 15, 2016).

Dollar Amount Available:
Outreach and Education Grants may be funded up to a $2,500 maximum.  Grants are payable directly to the landowner. Leveraging third party funding is encouraged, and in-kind contributions are allowed.

Source of Funds:
United States Forest Service – State and Private Forestry

Authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill, annual funding provided by the US Forest Service

Mike Smalligan, Forest Stewardship Coordinator

 Fiscal Year 2016 Appropriation:
Approximately $25,000

Outreach and Education Projects for Fiscal Year 2014


DNR Forest Stewardship Coordinator
Southern Lower Peninsula
Mike Smalligan, Lansing

DNR Service Foresters
Western Upper Peninsula
Gary Willis, Baraga

Eastern Upper Peninsula
Ernie Houghton, Escanaba

Northern Lower Peninsula
Mike Hanley, Haslett

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