Title Transfer to Commercial Forest (CF) Land

A transfer of title to CF land does not affect its status as CF land. If the land’s eligibility to remain listed in the CF program is affected by the transfer of title, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) shall determine what land may remain listed in CF and what land must be withdrawn.

Any document that transfers title to CF land must state the following on the face of the document:

“this property is subject to part 511, the commercial forest part of the natural resources and environmental protection act"

After title has transferred,

  • If the purchaser desires to withdraw the land from CF program, the purchaser shall submit a CF withdrawal application and follow the withdrawal procedure.
  • If the purchaser desires to keep the land listed in the CF program, the purchaser must come into compliance with the requirements of the program. Click here for program summary

Notifying the DNR about title transfers:

Legally, it is the responsibility of the County Equalization Office to notify the DNR of title transfers on CF land.

If you wish to notify the DNR directly, use the form below and attach copies of the recorded deed or land contract transferring title:

Notification of Ownership Change PR 4042-4

After receiving notification of a transfer of title, the DNR will contact the new owner regarding compliance with the program and/or withdrawal of the land from the program.

Lack of DNR notification does not excuse the landowner from compliance with the program requirements.

Transfer of title to entities not subject to general property tax:

(i.e. Governmental agencies or non-profit agencies exempt from property tax)

  • Land owner must withdraw land from CF prior to transferring title to an entity that is not subject to general property tax.

However, if the CF landowner fails to withdraw such land prior to transferring title, the entity that acquires the land will be responsible for withdrawing the land and all associated costs after the acquisition.