Vision & Mission


Vision Statement


We envision that in Michigan there exists an extensive system of representative, high quality, and ecologically viable natural areas on public and private lands reflecting Michigan's rich and diverse native natural heritage.

We envision a system through which:

  • Biodiversity conservation is enhanced.
  • Natural areas are an essential element of ecosystem management.
  • Natural areas serve as native reference systems for developing sustainable production of wildlife, aquatic life, forest products, and other renewable resources.
  • The public is provided with unique recreational opportunities.
  • Valuable and important research and educational experiences are available.


Mission Statement


The mission of the Natural Areas Program is to identify, establish, maintain, and administer a system of high quality, representative, ecologically viable natural areas in Michigan.

To do this we will:

  • Continue to assure that consideration of natural area values and benefits are a component of resource management decisions, through cooperation with Department Divisions, Bureaus and Offices, State, Federal and international agencies, and local units of government.

  • Continuously review the best available information in order to identify potential new natural areas and dedicate or otherwise protect those for which it is appropriate.

  • Continue to provide for the professional management (i.e., stewardship) of natural areas and to assure that existing areas are properly maintained.

  • Continuously communicate the value of natural areas to the public.

  • Continuously seek innovative means of providing adequate and stable resources to the program.

  • Continue to establish and strengthen partnerships and cooperate with organizations and volunteers dedicated to the preservation of natural areas (i.e., the natural areas community).