Fish Cleaning Station Permit

The operator of a fish cleaning station may exchange the service of cleaning salmon for the eggs in the salmons' carcasses or charge a fee for cleaning salmon. In addition, a person shall not purchase, sell, barter, or otherwise exchange anything of value for raw or unprocessed salmon eggs from these stations unless the person is also licensed as a Wholesale Fish Dealer (324.47333) and the sale, purchase, or exchange of the raw or unprocessed salmon eggs is made with another person who is licensed as a Wholesale Fish Dealer.

A person who operates a fish cleaning station shall not accept raw or unprocessed salmon eggs except from whole salmon, known as salmon in the round, or eggs salvaged from salmon cleaned at the station. Raw or unprocessed salmon eggs may only be collected and stored at the location of the fish cleaning station specified in the permit.

The fish cleaning station shall be licensed in accordance with the food processing act of 1977, Act No. 328 of the Public Acts of 1978, being sections 289.801 to 289.810 of the Michigan Compiled Laws, and operated in compliance with the Michigan food law of 1968, Act No. 39 of the Public Acts of 1968, being sections 289.701 to 289.727 of the Michigan Compiled Laws, only when the salmon eggs or salmon, or both, are sold or given to another person for human consumption.

A permit holder shall accept from sport fishers all salmon carcasses that are brought to the station and shall hold and dispose of them and their offal only in a manner approved by the local health department.

As a condition of his or her permit, a permit holder whose fish cleaning station is located on state owned land shall provide free access to the fish cleaning station facilities to anglers who wish to use the facilities to clean their own salmon catch. To apply for one of these permits contact a Fisheries Biologist at the nearest DNR office.