2014 AHGP Funded Projects

Golden Lotus Dam Removal - Pigeon River ($272,500)
Huron Pines, Otsego County

golden Lotus Dam
Removal of the Golden Lotus dam reconnecting the upstream 15 miles of the Pigeon River and its tributaries to nearly 100% of the remaining watershed and allow for fish passage. Photo from MTU.

Pucker Street Dam Removal (200,000)
City of Niles, Berrien County
Pucker Street Dam

Removal of the Pucker Street Dam will open 159 miles of the Dowagiac River Watershed and all its tributaries to the St. Joseph River and allow for fish passage into the St. Joseph River.

Sanborn Creek Crossings Restoration Project ($48,615)
Conservation Resources Alliance, Lake County

Sanborn Creek crossing
Replace existing undersized culverts at (2) Sanborn Creek and 40th street crossings with larger size that will meet stream flow needs, allow for full passage of aquatic organisms and reduce stream bank erosion.

Hubbardson Dam Removal ($200,000)
Timberland RCD, Ionia County

Hubbardson Dam
Removal of dam reconnecting over 195 miles of mainstream and tributary habitats to the Maple and Grand Rivers.

Thompson Hatchery Dam Removal and Restoration of Thompson and Williams Creeks ($60,900)
DNR Fisheries Division - Thompson State Fish Hatchery, Schoolcraft County

Thompson Hatchery
Removal of Thompson and Williams Creek dams, and complete restoration of channel flows to improve aquatic organism passage, eliminate water quality concerns and increase suitable fish spawning habitat.

High Bank Creek Habitat Restoration ($94,700)
Barry Conservation District, Barry County

High Bank Creek
Removal of a small dam, restore 1200 foot of bank upstream of the dam using natural channel design and replace (2) perched and undersized culverts in the Thornapple River Watershed to increase connectivity and improve habitat for aquatic species.

Paint Creek Habitat Restoration ($98,285)
City of Rochester, Oakland County

Paint Creek
Restore stream and riparian habitat throughout approximately 1000 feet of Paint Creek to increase habitat, improve channel and stream bank stability and increase riparian buffer area.

Ocqueoc River Grist Mill Abutment Removal ($25,000)
DNR- Forest Resources Division, Presque Isle County

Removal of grist mill abutments and associated sand backfill to help stabilize the riverbanks, restore the natural flow of the river, and reduce the potential for blockages and large sediment deposits.