The Michigan Trails Advisory Council

The purpose of the Michigan Trails Advisory Council (MTAC) is to:

Advise the Director of the DNR and the Governor on the creation, development, operation, and maintenance of motorized and non-motorized trials in the state, including, but not limited to, snowmobile, biking, equestrian, hiking, off-road vehicle, and skiing trails. In advising the Director and Governor on the creation and development of motorized and non-motorized trials in the state, the Council shall seek to have the trails linked where ever possible. The Council may perform additional related duties as provided by Executive Orders No. 2009-45 and 2009-54, other law, or as requested by the Director or the Governor.

The Council shall adopt procedures consistent with Michigan law and the Executive Orders governing its organization and operations.

The Council may, as appropriate, make inquiries, studies, investigations, hold hearings, and receive comments from the public. The Council may also consult with outside experts in order to perform its duties, including, but not limited to, experts in the private sector, government agencies, and at institutions of higher education.

The Council may establish advisory workgroups, including, but not limited to, an advisory workgroup on snowmobiles, as deemed necessary by the Council to assist the Council in performing the duties and responsibilities of the Council.