Upper Peninsula Deer Winter Range (DWR)

Deer Winter Range (DWR) comprises landscapes in which forested stands are present in sufficient quantity, quality and spatial arrangement to provide food and shelter to mitigate the effects of winter weather conditions and are occupied by deer in winter. There are two types of DWR in the U.P.

  • Obligate Winter Range (also called Deer Wintering Complexes or DWC for short, and are often referred to as deeryards):
    These occur in the north and central portions of the U.P. where winter snow depths are typically severe and deer are obligated to migrate to and concentrate in these areas to survive winter. Follow this link for more U.P. Deer Wintering Complex information and maps.

  • Conditional Winter Range:
    These occur in southern areas of the UP including southern portions of Iron, Dickinson, Delta and all of Menominee counties.  In these areas winter snow depths are typically shallower than areas farther north and deer migrate infrequently or short distances depending on winter conditions.

U.P. Deer Winter Range Map