2013-2017 Fisheries Division Strategic Plan

The Department of Natural Resources, Fisheries Division has released the final version of a new five-year strategic plan which will guide its future management activities.

The 2013-2017 Fisheries Division Strategic Plan, "Charting the Course: Fisheries Division's Framework for Managing Aquatic Resources," provides a vision and relevant broad activities for managing the various components of Michigan's fisheries; including its fish, their habitat, and engaging angler participation. It is designed to assist the division to meet its long-standing responsibilities to protect, manage and enhance Michigan's aquatic resources for the benefit of current and future generations.

Cover of 2013-2017 Fisheries Division Strategic Plan

The plan was developed through a process that engaged the public at large, constituent group leadership, and Fisheries Division staff. More than 10,000 people provided input through online surveys or phone interviews describing their desires for future fisheries management activities. Additional public input was provided on the draft version of the plan, which was available on-line during January and February.

Fisheries Division staff are currently engaged in developing specific tactics that will be designed to meet the plan's strategies, objectives and goals, using information provided by the public through the review process.

See below to view the full plan as one PDF document or as individual sections online. Support materials are also below.

2013-2017 Fisheries Division Strategic Plan

Taking Stock of Michigan's World-Class Fisheries
Preparation & Orientation
Guiding Compass Points
Tomorrow's Forecast
Navigation: Goals, Objectives, Strategies
Goal One: Healthy Aquatic Ecosystems & Sustainable Fish Populations
Goal Two: Diverse Fishing Opportunities
Goal Three: Strategic Resource Partnerships
Goal Four: Strategically Focused Assessment & Decision Support Tools
Goal Five: Efficient Division Operations
Appreciation and Recognition
A Funding Reality Check

2013-2017 Fisheries Division Strategic Plan public survey summary

2013-2017 Fisheries Division Strategic Plan constituent group leaders survey summary