Great diversity can be found at Green Lake

Off M-137 in Grand Traverse County you'll find the 2,000 acre Green Lake - a diverse fishery with plenty of angling opportunities.

Mark Tonello, a DNR fisheries biologist out of Cadillac who oversees this waterbody, says lots of different species can be found there, including bluegill, rock bass, sunfish, largemouth and smallmouth bass and northern pike. Most anglers fishing Green Lake in the summer target these species, and they do very well.

lake troutAnother sought-after species available at Green Lake is lake trout. The DNR stocks Green Lake with this species, more than 7,000 of them in 2015 alone. The fish will hang out deep and with the maximum depth coming in at 102 feet they've got plenty of places to go.

"Anglers target them in both the summer and winter. In the summer, anglers troll deep or jig to catch them," said Tonello. "In the winter, tip-ups baited with smelt or grey shiners work well, as does jigging. Be ready for a fight - there are lake trout bigger than 20 pounds in Green Lake!"

If you'd like to pay Green Lake a visit this spring or summer you'll find plenty of other fun, local activities to do. The lake is situated next to Interlochen State Park so avid campers will find a pleasant location to stay and recreate. The park even offers shore fishing opportunities and a boat launch.

Tonello says the lake is very scenic with lots of wooded shoreline and bays and points. It's considered a Type B trout lake which allows for fishing and possession all year and a 15-inch size limit on lake trout with a three fish daily limit.

Ice fishing for smelt is a very popular winter activity on Green Lake, with anglers typically targeting them at night.

smallmouth bass held by angler on Green Lake"You can go out from the state park or the boat launch on the west side and you'll see a village of shanties set up looking for smelt," Tonello explained.

Other popular ice fishing targets include yellow perch, northern pike (with some of Master Angler size - 40-inches) and lake trout.

One final point of interest for Green Lake is the fact occasionally the DNR has gotten reports of Chinook salmon - likely coming from the Betsie River which flows right into it. These fish have to swim from Frankfort all the way up the river - and jumped two dams along the way - but they've done it.

For more information on Green Lake, check out the 2014 Status of the Fishery Resource Report.