Michigan's Best Waters to Fly Fish for Wild Trout

Michigan is nationally known as a fly fishing mecca for trout and is blessed with roughly 20,000 miles of cold, quality trout waters, of which many have wild, sustaining trout populations. With all these trout streams to choose from, where are the best places for a fly angler to consider fishing for wild trout?

In the spreadsheet linked below, we have provided a list of approximately 850 miles of streams that have the physical characteristics to permit relatively easy fly casting, are shallow enough to wade, and have good to excellent stocks of wild, resident trout. Additionally, these streams produce diverse insect life and good fly hatches, have a reputation for providing quality trout fishing experiences, and have excellent water quality.

While the list below could easily provide more than a lifetime of fishing, it is a great list for a new fly angler to use to start sampling Michigan's trout waters!

Michigan's Best Fly Fishing Streams for Wild Trout