Species to target

While many people usually think of fly fishing as exclusively targeting trout, you don't have to just target trout when you go fly fishing, lots of other fish species can be fished with flies!



Species to target for fly fishing
Fish Species Location Preferred Habitat Natural foods (for fly selection)
Trout Coldwater streams, some lakes Deep pools, undercut banks, near surface when water is cooler Caddisflies, mayflies, stoneflies, terrestrials, small fish
Sunfish & Crappie Lakes Vegetated, near shore areas; around docks and fallen trees; sandy bottoms Small fish, insects, snails, zooplankton, terrestrials
Largemouth Bass Lakes Fallen trees and brush piles, under docks, lily pad bays, reeds Small fish, frogs, crayfish
Smallmouth Bass Lakes, warmwater rivers Rocky and gravely bottoms, rocky shorelines, slack water areas Small fish, frogs, crayfish
Northern Pike & Muskellunge Lakes, some rivers Reeds, fallen trees and brush piles, weed edges, incoming stream mouths Medium fish