Highlights of the Michigan Fishing Tournament Information System (FTIS)

In 2018, Fisheries Division released an updated version of the Michigan Fishing Tournament Information System for registering and reporting fishing tournaments/results. The system was initiated in the wake of the Natural Resource Commission's requirement for all bass tournaments to register and report their results beginning in 2016 and was updated to accommodate the Commission expanding that requirement to include walleye and muskellunge. Here are some of the highlights of the new FTIS:

  1. The system is designed to accommodate bass and walleye tournaments and competitive fishing events targeting muskellunge as defined in Fisheries Order 250.
  2. Tournaments/events can be registered up to 365 days in advance from today's date. Directors can register at any time 365 days in advance of the desired date. For example, on May 1, 2018 tournaments can be registered through May 1, 2019. On July 4, 2018 registration extends through July 4, 2019.
  3. More than one (1) tournament/events can be scheduled at the same launch and time. Michigan is blessed with a wide variety of access sites. Some can easily accommodate multiple tournaments, others not so much. Tournament director discretion, cooperation and coordination are expected if this new function is to work. If two events are scheduled at the same launch and time, both directors will get an email notifying them of the potential conflict.
  4. Director-to-Director Contact. Tournament/event directors will be able to see the contact information of other directors that have registered with the FTIS. The DNR is hopeful when two directors are interested in holding competing tournaments at the same location and time, they will contact each other and coordinate a smooth sharing of the launch facilities.
  5. Ability to request additional access sites. When signed in to the FTIS, directors will be able to request new waterbodies or access sites be added to the system for registering tournaments at. Dozens of additional sites (mostly non-DNR administered locations) have been added since the FTIS was originally launched in 2016. This feature will continue to allow directors to request additional access sites be added to the system.
  6. Going Mobile. The new site is compatible with mobile smart phones, tablets and other devices you take with you in the field. Everything that can be done on a home computer in the FTIS can be done on these mobile devices, with one exception. Requesting that a new access site be added to the FTIS (number 5 above) has to be done on a traditional personal computer.
  7. Reporting results. Reporting the results of your tournament/event is easier than ever and can be done in the field during your tournament by using the mobile app. Under your "My Tournaments" list, on the date of your scheduled tournament a "Report Results" link will show up in red that you can submit your results through.

These are just a few of the improvements that have been made. Take some time and check out the new site. Be sure to explore the map function. It can be a useful tool for finding a lake, access site or previously scheduled tournament.

Tom Goniea - Senior Fish Biologist & Fishing Tournament Specialist