Temperature / Depth-Recording Tags

Temperature and depth logger

Obtaining information about the behavior of animals in their natural environment is difficult. Temperature / Depth-Recording tags allow researchers to collect information about the habitat occupied by fish over relatively long time periods. The tags contain sensors that record temperature and depth (or pressure) at locations occupied by a fish, at time intervals ranging from seconds to days. These data are stored on a computer chip in the tag, and can be downloaded to a computer once the fish is captured and the tag recovered.

In general temperature / depth-recording tags will only be discovered if a fish is cleaned (filleted, gutted) for human consumption. Most fish carrying temperature-recording tags will also carry information (address, phone number, email) concerning tag reporting, either on the temperature-recording tag or on an associated tag (e.g., anchor tag, jaw tag). Temperature / depth-recording tags are costly, and data can only be recorded if tags are returned to fisheries managers for computer download.

If you find a temperature / depth-recording tag, refer to the information on the tag (or associated external tag) for further instructions. If you have problems reading the tag, please contact the Lake St. Clair Fisheries Research Station at 586-465-4771.

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