Hunting License Structure

Fishing Licenses

You must purchase a fishing license if you are 17 years of age or older to fish. If you are under 17, you may fish without a license, but you are required to observe all fishing rules and regulations. Any adult actively assisting a minor who does not have a license must have a fishing license. Please note, a license is required when targeting fish, amphibians, crustaceans and reptiles.

Michigan's annual fishing license is valid from March 1 of a given year through March 31 of the following year.

*Fishing Licenses

  • ^Annual all species resident - $26
  • ^Annual all species nonresident - $76
  • ^Annual all species senior (65+ or who are legally blind, Michigan residents only) - $11
  • Annual all-species youth (voluntary license for residents or nonresidents under the age of 17) - $2
  • Daily all species resident/nonresident - $10/day (you set the date/time for the license to start)


  • $1.00


The sturgeon permit and harvest tag are no longer required. However, you must register your sturgeon harvest within 24 hours.

Combination Licenses

Hunt/Fish Combo

(Combo includes base, 2 deer and annual all-species fishing)

  • ^Resident - $76
  • ^Nonresident - $266
  • ^Senior (65+, Michigan residents only) - $43

Hunting Licenses

An annual base license is required for every resident or nonresident who hunts in Michigan, unless otherwise noted. The base license allows hunters to hunt small game and to purchase additional hunting licenses.

Base License

  • ^Junior - $6
  • ^Resident - $11
  • ^Nonresident - $151
  • ^Senior (65+, Michigan residents only) - $5

Antlerless Deer/Junior Antlerless Deer

  • Resident and nonresident - $20 

Antlerless Deer Managed Area Hunts

  • $20


  • $5


  • Application (required) - $5
  • License - $25
  • Bear Participation (No-Kill-Tag Bear License) - $15


  • Resident license - $20
  • Nonresident license - $20
  • Senior license (65+, Michigan residents only) - $8

Deer Combo

  • Resident - $40 (two deer licenses: $20 regular, $20 restricted)
  • Nonresident - $190 (two deer licenses: $20 regular, $170 restricted)
  • Senior (65+, Michigan residents only) - $28 (two deer licenses: $8 regular, $20 restricted)

*Deer Management Assisstance Permit

  • $10.00

Elk (Michigan residents only)

  • Application (required) - $5
  • License - $100

Fur Harvester

  • License - $15.00
  • Senior (65+, Michigan residents only) - $6.00

*Mentored Youth Hunting License

  • $7.50

+Military Licenses 

  • $0 (full time active-duty and 100 percent disabled veterans, Michigan residents only)

*Small Game Nonresident

  • 7-day license - $80.00
  • 3-day license - $50.00


  • $1.00

Turkey - Fall

  • License - $15.00
  • Senior (65+, Michigan residents only) - $6.00

Turkey - Spring

  • License - $15.00
  • Senior (65+, Michigan residents only) - $6.00


  • License - $12.00
  • HIP registration/Migratory Bird Hunter - free (required for those who hunt migratory birds, including ducks, geese, woodcock, snipe, rails, etc.)
  • Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp (Duck Stamp) - $28.00 (required for waterfowl hunters ages 16 and older)
  • *A non-resident 7-day ($80) or a non-resident 3-day ($50) small game license allows the purchase of a waterfowl license without the purchase of a base license


* Items do NOT require a base license

^ Items include a $1 surcharge. Revenue generated from these funds will be used to educate the public on the benefits of hunting, fishing and trapping in Michigan, and the impact of these activities on the conservation, preservation and management of the state's natural resources in accordance with statute.

+For Michigan residents who are veterans with 100 percent disability or full-time active-duty military, fees are waived for hunting and fishing licenses not obtained through a lottery. Military personnel discount (active-duty status):

  • U.S. military members who are currently full-time federal active-duty status.
  • Qualifying customers must provide proof of military status at the time of purchase as well as while afield and be able to present proof upon request by a conservation officer, a tribal officer, or any other law enforcement officer. Proof of military status may include military ID, leave papers, duty papers, military orders or other evidence verifying the applicant is a member of the military and has been called to federal active duty.
  1. Michigan residents who are currently in full-time federal active-duty status may obtain hunting and fishing licenses, for which a lottery is not required, free of charge.
  2. Nonresidents who are in federal active-duty status and currently stationed in Michigan are eligible to receive resident pricing on hunting and fishing licenses.
  • DNR will perform random audits to verify this information.