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May 31, 2018: Fishing for muskellunge is a premier challenge

Known as "the fish of 10,000 casts," muskellunge are a tremendous game fish native to the lakes and streams of Michigan. They are a prized catch to many anglers, but present many challenges when trying to do so. But if you do your research and are patient - you too could possibly land a big one!

Muskie anglers can choose from a variety of methods such as trolling, casting or still fishing with live bait. Tackle requirements for muskellunge are stouter than equipment generally used for walleyes and bass. Larger, bulkier lures and fish that exceed 30 pounds or more call for heavier lines and stronger rods. It should be noted that muskie fishing success usually requires more dedication and persistence than for other species.

For more information on muskellunge in Michigan, visit Michigan.gov/muskie.

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