Buying the Federal Duck Stamp

Waterfowl hunters, now you can buy your Federal Duck Stamp without waiting until right before hunting season starts, or waiting in line at the post office. You can now buy the Duck Stamp conveniently online, along with your other licenses.

The Department of Natural Resources, in cooperation with the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service's Federal Duck Stamp Office, offers the federal migratory bird hunting stamp - also known as the Duck Stamp - for purchase online at eLicense.

Required annually for all migratory waterfowl hunters age 16 or older, the Federal Duck Stamp is a vital tool for wetland conservation. For every dollar generated by the sale of federal Duck Stamps, 98 cents goes directly to buy or lease wetland habitat for protection in the National Wildlife Refuge System. Proceeds have been used to purchase or lease about 5.6 million acres of wetland habitat on many of the more than 560 national wildlife refuges.


How much does the Duck Stamp cost?
The Federal Duck Stamp costs $25 via eLicense, the DNR's online hunting, fishing, ORV and snowmobile license sales system. The stamp cost is $25, and a service fee of $3.00 will apply for all DNR license agent and online purchases.

How does buying the stamp electronically work?
As with all other non-kill-tag items purchased through eLicense, if you buy the Duck Stamp online, you will receive the item as a PDF attached to an e-mail. You can save the PDF to your mobile device for display or size and print it for carrying afield. Unlike other DNR items, the electronic Federal Duck Stamp is considered temporary and will be legal to hunt with for up to 45 days from purchase, during which time you will get a physical stamp in the mail from Amplex, the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service's contractor.

What if I don't get the physical stamp in the mail?
Stamps that are lost in the mail or returned due to an incorrect address will be replaced at no cost. If you do not receive a stamp in the mail within 30 days of purchase, you should call Amplex Customer Service at 800-852-4897.

When and where will the Duck Stamp be available?
The temporary electronic stamps are available for purchase via eLicense, and at more than 1,400 Michigan license sales outlets. Federal Duck Stamps also are sold at post offices and many national wildlife refuges.

What if I lose my Duck Stamp?
If you lose or damage the Duck Stamp you get in the mail, replacement stamps are not available. You will need to buy another stamp. If you misplace your temporary electronic stamp, you may either wait for the physical stamp to arrive in the mail or - if you need it immediately - buy another one.

Will I be able to get a refund if I buy the Duck Stamp?
No. There will be no refunds available once the stamps are purchased.

Can I use the Duck Stamp for hunting in other states?
Yes. Duck Stamps purchased in Michigan are valid for migratory waterfowl hunting throughout the United States.

Where can I find more information about Michigan waterfowl hunting seasons and regulations?
The Waterfowl Hunting Digest is available online at