Pointe Mouillee Managed Waterfowl Hunt Area Manager's Update

Review for week ending

  • 12/8/2019
  • This year proved to be a great year for waterfowl harvest at Pointe Mouillee. Many repeat and new hunters visited to partake in the draw, and all contributed to a very successful season. Thank you to all who utilize the game area and support conservation by hunting.


  • Poor weather conditions on draw days led to a slow week in harvest, but great turnout in hunters to finish out the season.

Waterfowl abundance

  • Most dabblers have moved out of the region aside from mallards and black ducks. These two species are still the most abundant at the game area.

    Divers, especially bufflehead and scaup, are the most abundant diving species frequenting in and around the game area. Other species around are small amounts of redhead, goldeneye, and ringneck. Most are frequenting the river mouths and out beyond the Banana Dike in Lake Erie.

    We had a great year in the managed zones, with our 3rd highest recorded harvest for ducks since 2001.

Hunting conditions

  • Managed Zones
    • Zones 2-10
      • Long Pond Unit – Managed Cattail Marsh – Water levels slightly above average. Pothole marsh hunting. 2019 harvest: 243 ducks

      Zones 11-14
      • Nelson Unit – Flooded Ag Fields – Corn and buckwheat. Corn has been decimated significantly from the beginning of the season due to waterfowl and blackbird consumption. 2019 harvest: 759 ducks

      • Walpatich Unit – Ag fields and cattail marsh – Like Nelson, corn has been decimated due to consumption. 2019 harvest: 266 ducks
      Zones 20, 22
      • Walpatich Unit – Managed cattail marsh – Great cover and potholes, like Long Pond. 2019 harvest: 27 ducks
      Zones 23-25
      • Brancheau Unit – Managed by USFWS, draw by MDNR Pointe Mouillee. Cattail marsh. 23 & 24 offer good cattail cover while 25 is mostly open water. 2019 harvest: 14 ducks
    Open Hunting
    • Humphries Unit Vermet Unit Bad Creek
      • Cattail marsh and open water. -- Humphries Unit is very deep compared to last year. Through July, water poured over the flood spillway on Mouillee Creek filling the Humphries Unit. Even if we didn’t have pump issues, we would not have been able to remove that amount of water before the waterfowl season. The Humphries has water all the way to the West side of the Unit. Diver hunting may be a good option due to deeper water.

      • Cattail marsh and open water. -- Vermet Unit is also deeper than normal, it is not as deep as the Humphries but still check your depth before you get out of the boat.

      • Cattail marsh. -- Bad Creek is a newer unit in just its fifth season with water control. It is positioned on the west side of the Humphries Unit off of Roberts Rd.

Hunter numbers (only for the 24 managed zones)

  • 1329

Waterfowl harvest (only for the 24 managed zones)

  • 1309ducks
    • 3.04 ducks per zone taken
    • 0.98 ducks per hunter taken
  • 39 geese

What to expect this week

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Upcoming events

  • No draw December 28-29.
  • Game area open to all use December 16.

Additional Information

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