Fennville Farm Managed Waterfowl Hunt Area Manager's Update

Review For Week Ending

  • 09/08/2019


  • Last week we saw cooler than average temperatures for both daytime highs and nighttime lows. A small amount of rain was received but not enough to provide any sheet water or flooded areas.

Waterfowl Abundance

  • We have not seen any significant migrations yet. A few Teal have shown up. No molt migrant geese have arrived yet. What few birds are around are local birds. More wood ducks than anything else.

Hunting Conditions

  • Hunting conditions going into this fall look very good. Crops are tall and strong. Flooding’s should be at full pool by duck opener barring any major setbacks. Zone 7D will have little corn and a few other areas will be sparse but things look good for the most part considering how wet the spring planting time was.

Hunter Numbers

  • There has been a few hunter trips for Teal with no success so far. Hunters in the area have done average for early geese and a few are reporting shooting a few Teal in surrounding areas such as the Ottawa Marsh.

Waterfowl Harvest

  • Local hunters are picking away at geese for the early season but it is proving difficult with no crops down. Very little wheat in the area and no chopped corn yet has birds scattered or leaving the area. A few Teal have been harvested in surrounding marshes (Ottawa Marsh, Webster Marsh).

What to Expect This Week

  • Expect warm temperatures and a chance of rain most days. Corn should be beginning to be chopped on local farms soon which will attract more birds to the area.

Upcoming Events

  • Don’t miss our Youth Hunt this year! This year will be a youth preference hunt. Any party with youth will have preference in the draw and remaining parties will draw after all the youth parties are through. Adults will be allowed to hunt as well. Also, each youth participant will receive a 6 pack of floating duck decoys of their choice from Avian X! Mallards, Wood Ducks, Teal, and Black Ducks will be available. A free waterfowl mount will be raffled off to one lucky winner as well!

Additional Information

  • There is a new wetland project that has been built in zone 9, east of the railroad tracks on 122nd Ave. This project is a wetland mitigation banking program site and will provide a new 60-acre wetland complex with ponds and moist soils available to duck hunt outside the draw.