Muskegon Wastewater Managed Waterfowl Hunt Area Manager's Update

Review for week ending

  • 11/27/2021


  • Relatively mild/seasonable start to the week but temperatures fell sharply by the end of the week, with highs only on the upper 20s to mid-30s. Some light snow, with minor accumulations of 2+ inches.

Waterfowl abundance

  • Overall goose and duck numbers relatively stable with better numbers of geese and more mallards. Seeing some tundra swans, also.  Highest duck counts still include shovelers, mallards, and ruddy ducks.

Hunting conditions

  • Corn harvest has been completed and field tillage is continuing. During the past week, anywhere from 83 to 98 hunting positions have been available, depending on specific field work on any given day. Snow persisting, especially in the tilled fields. Standing corn strips in four fields; 2A, 27A, 30A and 46B.   

Hunter numbers

  • As of the end of the day November 27, 351 total hunter trips for 26 hunts.   

Waterfowl harvest

  • Overall hunter success improving slowly; 84 geese and 192 ducks (mostly mallards) so far.

What to expect this week

  • Continued field tillage in corn fields and some hay fields, weather permitting.    

Upcoming events

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Other comments

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