Muskegon Wastewater Managed Waterfowl Hunt Area Manager's Update

Review for week ending

  • 01/05/2020


  • Temps generally above average (highs low 30 to 40 degrees).  Some light rain and snow, but no major periods of precipitation. 

Waterfowl abundance

  • Duck numbers going down, as Wastewater lagoons refreeze and rethaw.  Goose counts variable, but generally declining.

Hunting conditions

  • N/A - the Muskegon Wastewater is closed for the season.  

Hunter numbers

  • Final season count -- 634 hunter trips.   

Waterfowl harvest

  • Final season harvest -- 184 geese and 349 ducks.  

What to expect this week

  • N/A

Upcoming events

  • N/A

Other comments

  • The final day of hunting was Saturday, December 21.