Fish Point Managed Waterfowl Hunt Area Manager's Update

Review For Week Ending

  • 12/1/2019


  • Nighttime temperatures ranged between 25-30 degrees with highs reaching the upper 30s. High winds persisted throughout the week with occasional snow showers.

Waterfowl abundance

  • Good numbers of Mallards, Black ducks and Geese are still present on the area.

Hunting conditions

  • Buckwheat, barley, winter wheat and moist soil plants are around most hunting zones and will provide a food source for waterfowl throughout the hunting season.
    • Zones 1-3 
      • Hunting zones 1-3 currently have 3-6ft tall corn and 3-5ft tall sorghum. Water levels vary from 0-24 inches.
      Zone 4-8 (Marsh)
      • Have blinds that are well camouflaged and very comfortable to hunt. Water depths vary from 12-36 inches.
    • Zones 9-13
      • The corn height in zones 9-13 varies between 5-8ft tall and should provide ample food for migrating waterfowl and adequate cover for hunters. All zones in this section have water to float decoys. Water depths vary from 12-36 inches
    •  â€‹Zone 14-19
      • Corn heights in 14-19 vary from 2-3ft. Sorghum heights range from 3-4.5ft. Hunters should plan to bring blind material to hunt these zones. Hunters should expect to see water levels from 10-24 inches.
    • Zones 20-32
      • The corn in zones 20-31 varies in height from 1–3ft. Sorghum heights are between 1-3 ft. Zones 20-23, 25-26, 29 and 32 will have blinds for cover. Hunters should plan to bring cover to hunt any zone without a blind. Water levels vary from 12-40 inches, except for zone 31 which only has 0-12 inches at the north and south ends of the zone
    • Zones 45-49
      • Currently, the corn in zones 45-49 is 1-2ft tall. Sorghum was planted for additional cover and currently is 1-2 ft tall in zone 45-46 and 5ft tall in zone 49. Sorghum in zone 47-48 didn’t come up. Hunters planning to hunt zone 45-49 should bring cover to hide in. A blind will be provided in Zone 49 for additional cover. Water depths vary from 18-30inches, except for zone 45 which has 6-12 inches on the north end of the zone.
    • Zones 50-56
      • Currently, corn in zones 50-56 is 3-5ft tall. These areas will produce marginal cover and some food for waterfowl hunting. Short corn in the 50s was due to deer damage. Currently, water levels vary between 12-24 inches.
    • Zones 58-63
      • The corn cover in 58-63 is 4-6ft tall. These zones should provide some cover for hunting. Water levels in zones 58 and 62 are 6-18 inches.
    • Zones 64-69
      • Corn germination in 64-69 was patchy throughout these zones. Hunting strips that were not flooded out are 6-7ft tall and will provide good cover and food for waterfowl hunting. Currently, zone 66 has water 18-24 inches. Zones 64 and 67-69 have 12-18 inches of water. Zone 65 has 0-12 inches of water.
    • Zones 70s
      • The corn in the 70s is 6-7ft tall and should produce good cover and food for migrating waterfowl this fall. There is one (1) 30ft strip and two (2) 60ft strips of corn that extend the length of the field. These strips will provide hunters with plenty of cover to hide and ample food for waterfowl throughout the season. These zones are dryland hunting areas

Hunter numbers

  • Total hunter trips thus far this season has reached 4569.

Waterfowl harvest

  • Total harvest to thru 12/1/2019 is 4863 ducks and 488 geese (1.06 ducks/hunter trip).

What to expect this week

  • During the week temperatures are predicted to freeze on Friday nite but stay at or above freezing the rest of the week, with highs reaching the upper 40’s on Sunday.  Winds ranging from 5-15 mph are predicted for the majority of the week.  There is a good chance of rain on Sunday.

Upcoming events

  • Deer/pheasant hunting drawing will be held at 12pm on: December 8th (Hunting period Dec. 9th thru Dec. 15th), December 15th (Hunting Period Dec. 16th thru Dec. 22th), and December 22th (Hunting Period Dec. 23th thru Dec. 27th and Dec. 30th thru Dec. 31st.)

  • Trappers meeting will be held on Dec. 8th at 1pm (All trappers planning to trap at Fish Point this season must attend this meeting).

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