Muskegon Wastewater Managed Waterfowl Hunt Area Manager's Update

Important: See updated 2020 draw procedures here.

Review for week ending

  • 01/03/2021


  • Temperatures generally average to slightly above average with highs in the low 30s to mid 30s.  Mostly dry with some snow coming late in the week.    

Waterfowl abundance

  • Goose and duck numbers declining. Fewer mallards, but still good numbers of shovelers.

Hunting conditions

  • All the soybean and corn fields were harvested weeks ago. No more standing corn strips, and tillage of the corn stubble fields and hay fields has been completed.      

Hunter numbers

  • 790 hunter trips after 29 hunt days (end of Wastewater season).    

Waterfowl harvest

  • 278 geese taken this season. Saturday December 5 was the last day for duck hunting on the Muskegon Wastewater (final harvest was 271 ducks).

What to expect this week

  • Field work has been completed, and as of December 12, all fields were open. 

Upcoming events

  • December 22 was the last day of hunting for the Wastewater season.

Other comments

  • Thanks to all the hunters for a good season.