Nayanquing Point Managed Waterfowl Hunt Area Manager's Update

Review For Week Ending

  • 11/27/2021


  • Nighttime temperatures were in the low 20's with highs reaching the upper 40's. Cloudy skies and a few rain showers.

Waterfowl abundance

  • Waterfowl numbers have declined significantly as colder temperatures are creating more ice.

Hunting conditions

  • North Field Zones (2-9)
    • Zones 2-3: Corn cover averages 8 ft, water depth varies 5-10 inches
    • Zones 4-6: Corn cover averages 8 ft, water depth varies 6-18 inches
    • Zone 7: Corn cover averages 7 ft, tapers on north and south ends due to deer damage, no motor ditch, water 10-14 inches
    • Zone 8: Corn cover averages 7 ft, spotty deer damage, permanent blind located to the west of the strip, no motor ditch, water 10-12 inches
    • Zone 9: Corn cover averages 8 ft, motor ditch is located on the west side of the strip, water 12-18 inches
  • Middle Field Zones (10-20)
    • Zones 10-12: Corn cover averages 8 ft, water 6-12 inches
    • Zones 13-15: Corn cover averages 8 ft, water 10-18 inches
    • Zones 16-18: Corn cover averages 8 ft, water 12-20 inches
    • Zones 19-20: Corn cover averages 8 ft, elevated blind on east side of zone 19, water 15-20 inches
  • South Field Zones (21-26)
    • Zones 21-22: Corn cover averages 8 ft, water 6-12 inches
    • Zones 23-24: Corn cover averages 8 ft, slight drop off to the south end of 24, water 12-18 inches
    • Zones 25-26: Corn cover averages 8 ft, tapered on the south end of zone 26, water 12-18 inches

Hunter numbers

  • The highest draw numbers for am and pm were on Saturday, November 20th with 12 parties in the morning and 15 parties in the afternoon. The average drawing size for the week was 9. The lowest draws were Tuesday with 0 parties all day.

Waterfowl harvest

  • The weekly totals (Saturday-Friday) were 179 ducks and 1 goose in 256 hunter trips, for an average of 0.70 ducks/trip.

  • For the last two days of the regular season (Saturday-Sunday) 2 ducks were harvested in 32 hunter trips. Totals for the season are 4,645 ducks and 88 geese in 4,392 hunter trips, for an average of 1.06 ducks/trip.  

  • The south field averaged 0.60 ducks/trip and harvested 36% of the total harvest this week, the middle field averaged 0.71 ducks/trip and harvested 41% of the total harvest, the north field averaged 1.81 ducks/trip and harvested 16% of the total harvest. In the marsh hunters averaged 0.42 ducks/trip and harvested 6% of the total harvest. The species breakdown for the week included 83% mallard/black duck, 7% shoveler. The remaining 10% included green-winged teal, wood duck, pintail, wigeon and merganser.

What to expect this week

  • Weather for this week is forecasted to be cloudy, windy, and cold with snow showers likely. Temperatures ranging from the mid 20's at night to daytime highs in the low 30's.

  • Safety protocols have been put in place this year for all drawings to reduce contact. Drawings will be held outdoors, only the party leader for each hunting party will interact with check station staff to register and select hunting zones. We will not be checking licenses or selling licenses at registration so please be sure you have all your licenses before coming to the draw. The MWHA rules, procedures and draw order will be announced via FM radio on local broadcast at 107.1 FM. Party leaders will approach the window one at a time to pick their zones once the draw order is announced.

Upcoming events

  • Regular waterfowl season closes on November 28th for the middle zone.

  • Muzzleloader deer season December 3-10; drawing held Thursday, December 2 at 11:00.

  • Self-serve permits will be available for the goose season until December 16.

  • Self-serve permits will be available for the late waterfowl two day split on December 11-12.

  • Self-serve permits will be available for the late firearm antlerless deer season from December 13-January 1.

Other comments

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