Shiawassee River Managed Waterfowl Hunt Area Manager's Update

Important: See updated 2020 draw procedures here.

Review For Week Ending

  • 11/01/2020


  • The week's weather was cool and windy with a blue hunter’s moon. Temps ranged from 30 degrees to 45 degrees.

Waterfowl abundance

  • Refuge count this week was up with a larger number of mallards being observed.

Hunting conditions

  • Water levels were brought up from 3 to 6 inches in all fields except 1-5 and the 40’s.

Hunter Numbers

  • There has been very few complaints during the draw. We had a high of 76 parties in the draw and a low of 28. 

Waterfowl Harvest To-Date

  • As of November 2 , we have harvested 2813 ducks and 283 geese during 1981 hunter trips. Average is 1.56 birds per hunter trip or 1.42 ducks per hunter trip.

What to expect this week

  • There will be no water added to the fields this week. 

Upcoming events

  • Youth priority hunt on November 7th. There will be no standby draw. Hunters will be able to pick a scramble unit if they don’t have a youth for the hunt period.

Other comments

  • Remember that the draw at Shiawassee is at 5 a.m.