Shiawassee River SGA 2020 Draw Procedures

Shiawassee River SGA will operate under the Department of Natural Resources’ approved plan for operating managed hunts through in-person draws for one AM drawing period per day for six days of the week. Specific information for each area is listed below.Specific operations are designed to align with DNR Wildlife Division SARS-CoV-2 Preparedness and Response Plan for Lower Exposure Risk Employees (Rev. 9/22/2020).

Managed hunting operations at Shiawassee River SGA will take place via a drive-through registration process at the St. Charles Wildlife Field Office (225 E. Spruce St., St. Charles, MI 48655). The lane leading up to the drive-through will be marked with cones- this area will be required to be kept clear of parked vehicles.

Only the party leader will be required at the drive-through to pick up a permit (unless the entire party is in one vehicle). The driver of the vehicle is required to have a mask on as they drive through, all other vehicle windows will remain closed. DNR staff will be separated from party leader vehicles via a plexiglass shield/booth. Hunters are not allowed to exit their vehicle while in the drive-through. If a hunter must exit their vehicle in the parking area for any reason, they must abide by Executive Order rules related to social distancing and face coverings.

The draw process will be conducted over FM radio; station information will be provided at the draw. Once the draw starts and a party’s number is called, only the party leaders will drive back through to pick their zone (unless the entire party is in one vehicle). Zone selections will be broadcast over the FM radio so other hunters can follow along.

  • The drawing time will remain at 5:00am.
  • A hunting permit will be valid for an entire day, from the opening of shooting hours to the close of shooting hours. No 12:00-1:00 PM quiet hour will be observed.
  • Opening weekend reserved hunts will proceed as advertised with an AM and PM drawing each day; the Saturday PM hunt is a youth priority drawing.
    • There will be no stand-by draw after the initial drawing and scramble marsh zones will not be available after the preference draw for opening weekend hunts for parties that were not successful in obtaining an opening weekend lottery permit.
    • Scramble marsh zones will be available for opening weekend draws, but will be removed from draw options after opening weekend as self-registration options (information below).
  • DNR staff will not be checking hunting licenses and no licenses will be sold at the check station.
  • Permit-only hunting will be closed on Thursdays
    • Deer hunting, which is conducted through a pre-registered lottery drawing for Deer Management Unit 273, and small game hunting is permitted during the Thursday closure.
    • Waterfowl hunting is not permitted in ‘A’ areas or self-registered marsh scramble areas (see below) on closed days (Thursdays).
    • Hunters wishing to waterfowl hunt locally are encouraged to review Thursday waterfowl hunting opportunities at Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge. Information for Shiawassee NWR waterfowl hunts can be found here.
  • The following marsh scramble areas will not be included in the zone drawing after opening weekend and will be available to hunt through first come, first served self-registration after a given day’s draw. This is to provide quality hunting opportunities for individuals who are not able to participate in a given day’s drawing. Scramble marsh zones will not be available until after a given day’s draw. Scramble marsh permits are for daily hunts and will be dated as such- one permit is not good for the entire season. These self-registered areas are not open to waterfowl hunting on closed days.
    • Wahl Rd. marsh (zones 67-76)
    • Flooded woods (zones 77-117)
    • Rookery marsh (zones 137-150)
    • ‘A’ areas that occur outside of the managed waterfowl portions of Shiawassee River SGA
  • If an individual or party passes in the draw, they then forfeit their ability pick a zone in the draw and are relegated to picking a self-registered scramble marsh zone, there will be no stand-by for passes.
  • No leftover zones will be available after a given day’s drawing and staff will not be available after the draw. Only self-registered marsh scramble zones will be available after a drawing.
  • The youth priority drawing originally scheduled for the Nov. 7 (Saturday) PM hunt period will proceed as a morning draw. Individuals wishing to hunt this day through the lottery drawing are required to have at least one youth in their party. Those parties without youth will be able to hunt through self-registration for a scramble marsh zone after the draw, there will be no stand-by draws.
  • The veteran’s preference drawing scheduled for the Nov. 11 (Wednesday) PM hunt period will proceed as a morning draw. Individuals or parties wishing to hunt must have at least one individual that is either active duty military or a veteran as described on page 14 of the 2020 Waterfowl Hunting Digest. Those parties without veterans or active duty military will be able to hunt through self-registration for a scramble marsh zone after the draw, there will be no stand-by draws.
  • There is no single or party preference in the drawings for the duration of the 2020 seasons (i.e, zones may be selected regardless of party size as party numbers are called).
  • Party leaders may register up to three absentee hunters.
  • Switching zones or adding hunters onto a party after the draw is not permitted.
  • Hunters are limited to 25 shotshells.
  • Hunters are not allowed to sell items in state parking lots.
  • There will be no Wetland Wonders Challenge for 2020 seasons.
  • Hunters are still required to return their permits with harvest information to the check station or drop box daily; no bag checks will be completed in 2020.

Restroom facilities previously open to hunters will be closed for the duration of the season. Portable restroom facilities will be provided for use and will be cleaned/sanitized by the vendor per guidelines.