Operator rules and regulations

The following rules and regulations apply to all operators in Silver Lake State Park's off-road vehicle area:

Sound emissions / exhaust 

  • 94 dB limit.
  • USFS-approved spark arrestor exhaust system and/or 180-degree reverse flow muffler.

Rules and regulations for operation 

  • Operate within orange boundary markers 
  • Directional traffic zone: no north-bound traffic in high dune area 
  • Safety flag: orange rectangular flag, minimum 10' from ground 
  • Limited speed on entrance ramp and beach area 

In case of emergency 

  • Dial 911 
  • Locate park ranger on patrol 

Suspended / revoked driver's license 

  • ORV operation prohibited 
    • Violators subject to arrest and vehicle impoundment 

Alcohol and controlled substances

  • Prohibited inside and within .25 mile of ORV Area 
    • Violators subject to citation and park eviction 
  • Possession/transport of open alcoholic beverage prohibited 
    • Violators subject to arrest and vehicle impoundment 
  • Operating while intoxicated prohibited 
    • Violator subject to arrest and vehicle impoundment 

Driver / rider tips 

  • Be prepared to stop at any time. There may be a stalled or parked vehicle or natural hazards such as a tree or stump on the other side of the hill you are cresting 
  • Drive defensively, be careful, stay alert and in control of your vehicle 
  • No passing on entrance ramp 
  • Wear protective riding gear when riding ATVs and motorcycles 

Special operating restrictions - Youth side-by-side vehicles (SXS) and two-up ATVs 

  • SXS/UTV vehicles do not fit the legal definition of an ATV. They are classified as an ORV and cannot be operated at Silver Lake State Park by anyone under 16 years old. This includes the Polaris ACE single occupant ORV and other youth marketed SXS vehicles. 
  • Passengers are not permitted on any ATV or motorcycle in the Off-Road Vehicle Area. This includes BOTH single passenger and "two-up" designed ATVs.