• Ride Right

    24% of ORV accidents reported in 2017 were caused by speed.

Important Safety Tips

Out of the total number of ORV accidents reported in 2017, 24% were a result of people driving too fast and 16% of people were not wearing a helmet. Speed, careless and reckless driving are the primary contributing factors for ORV accidents, as reported in 2017.
    • Ride sober
    • Always wear a helmet
    • Make sure you are familiar with your machine and are operating within your and your machines’ limits
    • Size the ORV appropriate for the rider
    • Only transport a passenger when the ORV has been manufactured to carry a passenger. Aftermarket add-ons do not permit a passenger to ride on/in a machine. Refer to the manufacturer’s user manual for clarification
    • Ride with a group
    • Create a ride plan and share it with others. A ride plan includes the times and locations you will be riding, along with check-in points
    • Know your terrain and be prepared to adjust for changing environmental conditions
    • Ensure the area you intend to ride is open to ORV activity
    • Stay on the trail
    • Ride on the right side of the trail
    • Stay off state highways (those designated as M or US)