• Ride Right

    80% of U.P. snowmobile accidents and deaths were caused by speed during the 2017-18 season.

Important Safety Tips

    • Ride on the right side of the trail.
    • Ride at a safe speed.
    • Ride sober.
    • Anticipate and yield to groomers.
    • Ride safe, so you make it home to your family and friends.
    • Keep your machine in top mechanical condition, and keep headlights and tail lights clear of snow and ice and on at all times.
    • Wear insulated boots and protective clothing, including a helmet, gloves and eye protection.
    • Check the weather conditions before you depart, and never ride alone.
    • When possible, avoid crossing frozen bodies of water; if you do cross such waters, never operate in a single file line.
    • Remain alert to avoid fences, low-strung wires and branches and to spot depressions in the snow.
    • When approaching an intersection, come to a complete stop, raise off the seat and look both ways for traffic.