Close up view of an Osprey flying through the air
  • Michigan’s birds are some of the most beautiful and fascinating creatures to observe outdoors. It's a popular past time for residents and visitors alike, who can find more than 450 bird species on Michigan's many birding trails, state parks and recreation areas, state wildlife and game areas, national wildlife refuges, Great Lakes coastline and more.

Winter Birding

  • a woodpecker in a tree in the snow

    It hardly seems possible, but for some species of birds winter in Michigan is downright balmy. Winter can provide a unique opportunity to see some of our state's northern visitors.

    Winter birding takes the spotlight as a lot of our summer migrants have gone and our winter residents have shifted southward. It's a perfect time to get to know some of these new neighbors.

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Winged Wednesday - Migration Text Updates

  • Flying trumpeter swans

    Michigan is home to so many interesting birds and we want to share some feathery facts with you.

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Spring Birding

  • A Kirtlands warbler sitting in a tree

    Spring is a great time for birding in Michigan. Our early migrants are back and settling in to woo a mate and raise a family; our late migrants are flooding though in great colorful waves as they race to be the first back to claim their own nesting spot.

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Summer Birding

  • A Sanderling wading on the water

    By the end of July, most chicks have left the nest - making birds more abundant as fledglings join the ranks of their parents. Late summer also brings the arrival of migratory Arctic shorebirds that only visit us during their incredible journey to and from their wintering grounds.

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Fall Birding

  • A raptor flies through the blue sky with wings spread out

    Some of Michigan's best birding can be found in the fall. Birds from across Canada and the north central US make a beeline for the Great Lakes on their migration south. It's also time to watch for northern birds that come to spend the winter in Michigan.

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